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Nonprofit Tech 2.0 Blog :: A Social Media Guide for Nonprofits

social_media_collage copyThe number of low-cost or free, web-based resources and tools available to nonprofits today is astounding. Many nonprofit professionals are overwhelmed by the all choices and as the Mobile Web and related start-ups continue to grow, prepare to be mind-boggled by all the new technology options available to your nonprofit in coming years.

That said, to be alerted of new low-cost or free resources and tools available for nonprofits, please subscribe to the Nonprofit Tech 2.0 e-Newsletter. A section of the e-newsletter entitled “Resource Spotlight” features a new resource/tool in each edition.

1. 2dCode ::2d-code.co.uk

A comprehensive blog about all things related to Quick Response (QR) Codes, Augmented Reality (AR), and Near Field Communication (NFC). Based in the U.K., 2d Code is a must read for the early adopters.

2. 360 Panorama :: occipital.com/360/app

Ideal for mobile social networkers, this $.99 app allows you to easily create panoramic photos on…

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