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“Society is judged by the way it treats its prisoners”

Prisoners straight into work programme
“Ex-offenders who claim jobseekers allowance will be immediately referred to the Government’s Work Programme, and employers will be paid for the number of criminals they employ, it has been announced.”

If you treat people less than fairly, do not expect them to play by the rules;

I predict that this scheme will not work, as prisoners will prefer to break their licences rather than to remain on a placement that by necessity will take on the shape of a “chain gang”

For how else will employers trust them?

Prison and Custody officers are taught “Behaviour breeds behaviour”, give respect and you get respect back. I once asked one of the most profliic young offenders in Gloucestershire what it would take to stop him committing crime, he replied “A house, a car, and a job”.

How does this scheme change the twin problems of crime and the poverty that causes it?

Is it only criminals that live in fenced in properties with automatic gates, security guards and bars on the windows?

Where else in society do we find examples of the “something for nothing” culture, so pervasive that our young adults see it as an expectation?

The Chinese monkey trap is an ingenous device, it is a cage far too small to contain a monkey, but it is big enough to hold fruit. Once a monkey reaches in to the cage and takes hold of his prize, his paw becomes too big to retract from the cage. It is his reluctance to let go off his prize that traps him, thus it is with our society today, we are all trapped by the reluctance to let go;
Joblessness and poverty cause depression, addiction, crime, and broken families. Who knew?

“Be the change you wish to see” – Mohatma Ghandi


2 responses

  1. Füstös Ágnes

    Hát igen. Légy te a változás. Sokféle közmondást lehetne most felsorolni.
    Az én nézőpontom: Ha nem lenne bűnözés, nem tudnánk mi a bűn…
    Így teljes a teremtés, így kerek a világ. Mindenkinek meg van a feladata az életben, és ha rosszat teszünk, bűnhődni fogunk érte…
    Júdás felvállalta, hogy elárulja Jézust. Ha nem tette volna meg, Jézus családot alapít, megöregszik, meghal… És nem történik meg a csoda… Júdás megbűnhődött érte, és nagy terhet vállalt magára, hisz ő is szerette Jézust.
    Most, a nagy munkanélküliségben nincs esély a bűnözés visszaszorítására. Szerintem.
    Ha jobban figyelnénk a lelki fejlődésre. Ha nagyobb súlyt helyeznénk rá, mint a lexikális tudás felhalmozására, talán visszatartó erő lenne. Ha azzal a tudattal nőnék fel a gyermekek, hogy semmi nem marad büntetlenül…Talán…

    March 7, 2012 at 7:57 pm

    • Jesus knew that he would have to confront the Roman governer in order to make a change, and therefore sacrifice himself in order indelibly print his message in the minds of the people.

      Given that we do not have the complete texts of the New testament and the translations that we do have have been disputed, how can we say that Jesus did not ask Judas to do the deed?

      March 7, 2012 at 8:06 pm

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