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Have you noticed that some people are just unwilling to accept the consequences of an extravagamt lifestyle?

Repeating the words that George Bush Snr. used in the 70′s and which informed a divisive and aggressive policy in the Middle East that has cost the lives of hundreds of US and allied forces would not seem to be a vote winner.

Believing that there is not a finite supply of fossil fuels and that burning them does not affect the environment is a sure sign that either Newt Gingrich is only thinking and planning for the short term.

What happens to the price of oil and the investment into the pipeline should any of these events occur.:

Earthquake in Yellowstone and the greatlakes area,
Large scale flooding (worse than before) in the mid wester states and the Missippi planes.
Tornado or hurriicane strike in pipeline and refinery areas
Discovery of fusion.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to utilise all the sunshine falling on these states rather than risk destroying the economy and environment just to keep the oil billionares happy? If they know no other way of making money why do they not hand it over to those of us who do:

solar panels, concave solar reflector satellites, tidal force generators (sea or inland), groundwater heat exchangers, biofuels (petrol and diesel).

We could have oil those things now, not in 15 years but for two things, Oil companies and banks.


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