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The author was born on a farm in Cornwall in 1967 and spent his formative years growing up in the villages on the Cornwall Devon border.

Formally qualified with a bachelors in Computer Sciences and a Masters in Parallel Computers and Computation from the University of Warwick, has spent a lifietime analysing and modelling closed systems of every description.

Sociable blue sky thinker specialising in closed system analyses and all things ‘eco’. Economy – Ecology – Ecosystems.

Our Planet is one big closed system, the trick is identifying the connections and common linkages, only then can solutions be found to any complex problem.

“The result will be unexpected as the membrane is made of muons” – Jonathan Colwill (2006): On the the proposed experiments for the LHC in CERN.

The unified field theory – more of a burden than a gift; is mankind yet ready for the responsibility of the emergent technologies and the power of fusion?


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