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Does Wealth come at the cost of Freedom?

This is entirely curious; Freedom is a word that is bandied around a lot, especially in the Western world, and I used to think I understood what it meant; now i am not so certain that I can define it adequately.

Any person that lives with in a society has obligations to that society, by definition, or risk being ‘cast out’ (incarcerated). These are the “ties that bind us”.

We now have so many regulations, checks and controls, where can that word be used correctly in its full original sense?

A poor man is confined in the sense that his choices are limited, he has no resources of his own with which to create or space into which he can expand, unless he can ‘persuade’ someone that he has worth or value. A rich man is confined by his wealth, living behind gates, walls and barriers; what is more, feeling the increasing pressure not to trust, friends, institutions and sometimes even family. What is a panic room if it is not a cell? Or a gated property if not a prison?

It is a little known fact that the infamous tower of London where Mary Queen of Scots and Charles I was originally a castle equipped like a palace when they were imprisoned. It is only through the realisation that we have created too many barriers to entry and systems that have too many ‘checks’ and not enough ‘balances’ that economic growth can be possibility.

This possibility can only be made a reality if everybody digs deep, in effort, courage and trust. This applies to *you*, poor or wealthy, find your courage and your strength:

Look about you and “see” that we all need each other and that it is in your best interest to look after your neighbour, your friend, your employer/ee.

For if the worst comes to the worst; Whose loyalty can you actually count on?

Perhaps this is meant by “and the meek shall inherit the Earth”?

The more barriers you build the less free you are…


BBC News – Drought summit as rivers in England dry up

Nature has already has (nearly) completely linked water network through the means of the water table. Why are we obsessed with laying pipes sideways underground to do something nature already does for us? Solar powered boreholes straight to the clean mineralised water below obviates all the infrastructure and water treatment processes !!

BBC News – Drought summit as rivers in England dry up.


And so God scattered them upon the face of the Earth, and confused their languages

Fact or fiction the story of the tower of babel is very pertinent in today’s world.

The internet and the information sharing it permits is connecting mankind in such a way that information can be shared almost instantaneously around  the world.

There is a problem though and that problem is language.When people do not speak the same language, the transfer of thoughts, concepts and ideas can be fraught with pitfalls; misinterpretation being only one of them.

There is also a tendency for individuals speaking the same language to isolate themselves to their own groups, avoiding communication with people outside that group.

Unfortunately neither Google translate or any translation service can help us here, for the languages I am talking of are those of EXPERTISE.

This is a crying shame, for man now has all the knowledge and all the tools that he needs to solve any given problem that may exist.

If a geneticist, a computer scientist and an ecologist got together might they not conclude that the symbiotic relationship formed by mitochrondria is different than has been previously assumed? That the mitochondria is an interpreter that processes and executes the code contained in the DNA?

If scientists studying Colony Collapse Disorder in bees were collaborating with physicists studying changes in the magnetic field of the earth, would they conclude that bees are unable to collect pollen because it will not stick to them when the magnetic field changes around them?

The fundamental problem that underpins these issues is that we have a very simplistic ‘divide and conquer’ appraoch to problem solving and it is easy to understand why:

Where there is total connectivity, no problem can be truly considered out of context, so the ‘big picture’ keeps on getting bigger and bigger until Man decides there has to be a ‘cut off’ point, and there is the flaw.

Something important always gets left out.

How does the gravitational pull of the moon affect the climate, weather patterns even natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes? As it stands right now no one knows because the experts speak different languages and never meet.

Does climate warming affect the liquidity of the Earth’s crust,  influencing plate tectonics and volcano activity? No one knows because the experts speak different languages and do not communicate with each other.

Perhaps it is time for us to try to speak the same languages?